Private user: To get recs you have to be registered to the Rec Barcelona mobile app, press the button with the rec (R) symbol that appears on the main screen, to the right of the balance. Then write the amount of recs you want to change, select a trade from the list, press the bank card where you want to withdraw the euros that will be converted to recs and enter the PIN code to confirm the operation.

Shops: shops can receive recs for goods or services and, in addition, can request to be exchange point of euros to recs. If they are exchange points, they will receive an advance in recs from the managing entity because private users can exchange euros for recs. In addition, traders can also purchase recs.

Circuit of creation and recs creation: The businesses that adhere to the recs network and that are activated as an exchange point, each month will receive a few advances of recs facilitated by the managing entity (Novact). The individuals that request it will exchange with these shops of euros to recs.

Once individuals have recs, they can spend them buying goods and services at local businesses that accept them. In turn, as businesses have the recs that individuals spend, may use them to purchase goods and services between them to expand the use and circulation of recs.