The social currency is born from the merger between initiatives of the city’s organizations and Barcelona’s City Council’s commitments. It is materialized in the B-MINCOME urban innovation pilot project, the objective of which is to promote actions to combat poverty in the Besós Axis (Barcelona). The B-MINCOME is co-financed by the EU’s Urban Innovative Actions program and it is leaded by the Social Rights area of Barcelona City Council.

To develop the B-MINCOME, the City Council is collaborating with other collaborative organizations: Young Foundation, Novact (International Institute for Nonviolent Action), Ivalua (Catalan Institute for Public Policy Evaluation), IGOP-UAB (Institute of Government and Public Policies of the Universitat de Barcelona) and the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), which are responsible for the design and the monitoring of the various active policies. Specifically, Novact is the entity that promotes and manages the social currency.