The social currency has several advantages for each type of user:


  • It is a safe, instant and cost-free form of payment: payments to businesses, organizations or other people have no cost and are made easily, safely and quickly.
  • Allows access to offer: the map of the rec (Ɍ) app shows the shops in the neighborhood that have exclusive offers.
  • Revitalizes the neighborhood: money circulates in the neighborhood, fosters local occupation and economically and socially supports trade, organizations and projects of proximity.
  • It promotes the real and responsible economy: a sustainable economy at a social, economic and environmental level. The recs do not go to tax evasions countries.


  • Multiply billing: the recs only circulate among the traders of the territory attached to the network.
  • Make your business known through the rec app and attract more customers.
  • Customer loyalty with offers: the rec mobile app allows to publish offers that users can view and approach the establishment.
  • It is easy to spend: it allows you to buy goods and services from any company that accepts it.
  • It’s free: during the pilot phase, using recs has no cost, its benefits add up.
  • It is an innovative system: it places the business as a pioneer in social innovation and increases its notoriety.


  • It favors the social life of the neighborhood: it generates social cohesion in the neighborhood through the relations that are born with the rec network.
  • Reduce costs: fees or activities are free of charge and are easy, safe and fast.
  • Allows for the compensation of trainers or professionals: to pay professional services or training in an agile, safe and without costs.
  • It is a new channel of communication: it allows the organization and activities to be made known through the rec app.
  • Loyalty of the member: it favors the loyalty of the partners through the publication of promotions in the app. It is an innovative system: it situates the entity as a pioneer in social innovation in neighborhoods.