Why does it offer more benefits than the euro?

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The social currency has several advantages for each type of user: Individuals: It is a safe, instant and cost-free form of payment: payments to businesses, organizations or other people have no cost and are made easily, safely and quickly. Allows [...]

What is the objective?

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This initiative aims to promote the empowerment of citizens in a topic of general interest, how is money created and the impact on our neighborhoods. Promote that the neighborhoods are economically and socially vital, favoring that the money stays in [...]

Why do we have to create a Social Currency?

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Shopping centers, large supermarkets and online sales (e-commerce) are affecting local businesses which are in decline. The streets in the neighborhoods, without local businesses, get deserted. The feeling of insecurity increases and social relations decrease. Through the rec, the money [...]

How does the rec born?

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The rec is part of the B-MINCOME social innovation pilot project through which a part of public spending on social money is channeled in the area of the Besòs Axis of Barcelona. Specifically, in the neighborhoods of Meridiana, Vallbona, Torre [...]

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